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Entrepreneurship to Empower the Marginalized

Worldwide, women are gaining ground in education, in the workforce, and in government. But there are still many women and girls, especially in marginalized communities and in less developed countries - who face an uphill battle.

Despite the challenges, women in these communities are empowering themselves, seizing opportunities. They are fighting back against entrenched, systemic inequality.

In this 6th edition (Physical) we are going to tackle the topic from different aspects, starting from the reasons to what alternatives or solutions that have been launched by role models in the field to boost women entrepreneurship in marginalized communities.

-Improve employment opportunities for poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups through access to skills training on enterprise development;

-Empower vulnerable groups to start or improve their businesses through the new skills acquired;

-Create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship through the establishment and strengthening of networks of implementing social safety net services, providers of working capital, and participants from vulnerable groups.

Target Participants:

Aspiring entrepreneurs and micro and small business owners from vulnerable populations including People Living with HIV, sex workers, LGBT, the rural poor, refugees and asylum seekers, out of school youth, home-based workers, and women and men with disabilities.

General Information

  • 25 Jul ,2021
  • 4:10 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Access: 200 DH

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  • Deadline: 20 Jul ,2021
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  • Disponible seats:   100


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