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During the Great Minds Meeting, we invite you to listen to inspiring storytellers that each use their talent and energy to contribute to a more sustainable, diverse and inclusive world. Through sharing and learning from each other, we can join forces and reach our common goals. We expect around 300 national and international participants from various backgrounds - it will be a diverse and colourful mix of public sector, business and civil society. The result is an impactful networking event to inspire and be inspired, and explore the possibilities for your own growth and for your contribution to the society. In the morning, we start with a plenary session with several storytellers. After lunch, we will divide ourselves into three “squares” (group workshops). Every square will be focused on a specific theme, about which the three storytellers will share their personal perspectives and experiences. After that, we invite you to join in for a dialogue closed by a musical break where all our participants and speakers together can join and have fun.

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GMM for sharing briliant ideas.